Commercial Flooring

As a licensed general contractor, Blue Team Construction offers a wide range of commercial flooring solutions. Whether flooring is part of a restoration effort or a capital improvement project, you will find the commercial flooring expertise you need from making the right flooring choice to the perfect install of your new floor. From low maintenance luxury vinyl tile (LVT) to durable laminates and commercial hardwoods, you have both practical and beautiful options that will fit perfectly with your business needs. Moreover, our clients have come to count on the experts at the Blue Team to handle their projects with utmost care and great attention to detail.

commercial flooringLuxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

When looking for versatile and sophisticated designs that not only look but feel like nature's best materials, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) is a terrific option. LVT is an excellent choice for commercial flooring in a busy location because the material can withstand heavy use and is easy to maintain. The material meets numerous commercial standards such as safety features, flammability codes and slip resistant requirements among others.

In addition to durability, LVT is available in a rich selection of styles for every taste and ambiance. Whether you are looking for exotic and rustic wood visuals, or a unique, chiseled from the earth stone design, today’s LVT captures contemporary and classic design trends.


For a high traffic floor area, Linoleum is best suited since it is extremely durable. It remains a top choice for educational and institutional settings and comes in a tremendous variety of patterns and styles. Plus, today’s linoleum is available in patterns, designs, even gloss choices that create a great esthetic look, superior wear and hygiene.

Sheet Vinyl 

When looking for an affordable floor type that comes with elegant patterns, Sheet Vinyl flooring is a budget friendly solution. The floor is ideal for large spaces because it is economical and available in a variety of styles. Sheet Vinyl continues to be very popular flooring in light commercial, hospitality and retail store markets because of its price point and versatility.

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is a quality and high-performance floor type. This durable floor is ideal for schools and facilities that have high traffic. The floor is resistant to most chemicals and other corrosive liquids that are known to affect ordinary concrete floors. The VCT tiles can be designed and fitted to various patterns.


More and more schools and businesses are taking part in Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) initiatives that include LEED certified flooring. If environmentally-friendly workspace is part of your company’s ethos, Blue Team Construction can help you source and install LEED-approved flooring that is made from rapidly renewable resources and is PVC free.

Commercial Laminate

As its name suggests the Commercial Laminate is a great choice for a commercial premises. It has the advantage of being versatile, affordable and extremely easy to maintain. The material has the classic wooden look and is available in a variety of styles and colors. Being resistant to mold and bacteria, it is a safe and hygienic choice for most commercial buildings.

Commercial Hardwood

When a venue has to impress, the look and feel of high quality commercial hardwood is the gold standard. Board rooms, high-end retail, and luxury hospitality are business spaces that demand a high quality flooring material suitable for high traffic commercial premises. Finely polished hardwood is a solid investment and lasts for decades. Blue Team Construction excels in experience with select hardwood flooring and its installation. Moreover, we understand that in many cases, you have a business to run while your floor is being installed and we do our utmost to minimize our footprint.