Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Team Restoration a licensed mold remediation contractor?

Yes we are. Many of our competitors claim they are licensed but are simply not.

Does Blue Team Restoration own its own equipment?

You bet we do! Unlike many of our competitors who rent their equipment, we have invested millions of dollars into our equipment inventory. This insures that we have the right equipment when it matters the most, "when you need us"!

Can I contact Blue Team Restoration at night or on the weekend?

You bet you can. As it states in the famous "Journey" song, you can "call us all night, any night" Simply call our toll free number @ 1 (855) 522-BLUE

What sets Blue Team Restoration apart from other restoration companies?

There are many things that set us apart from our competitors. We specialize in and handle only commercial projects. We are not franchised which provides better control of our first rate services. Perhaps the most important difference for our clients is our "No-Charge Rate Sheet". We are the only company in our industry that offers these items at no additional charge!

Does Blue Team Restoration offer an emergency response plan?

Yes we do. Rather than simply reacting to disaster situations, most risk managers prefer taking proactive measures to establish a relationship with an experienced restoration company. By enrolling in our Emergency Response Plan, your business will receive the benefit of years of experience in reducing the impact of any natural or man made disaster.

Your business will be receiving the backing of a leader in water and fire damage response that can help you get your business back in working order when disaster strikes. Utilization of our Emergency Response Plan will greatly reduce your business interruption following any water or fire damage incident at your location.

Contact us today for more information about this program.

Will Blue Team Restoration respond to my company throughout the country?

Absolutely. Blue Team Restoration has CAT Response Teams prepared should any state be threatened.

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