Disaster Planning

Blue Team Restoration's Emergency Response Plan reduces the impact of any natural or man made disaster. Your business will be receiving the backing of a leader in water and fire damage response that can help you get your business back in working order when disaster strikes. Under our Emergency Response Plan, we respond as immediately as possible after an emergency call is initiated, to provide necessary labor, equipment and materials to mitigate existing damage and to prevent the progression of further damage to property resulting from a sudden and unexpected loss requiring emergency response.


A Preferred Blue Team Restoration "Blue Line" Client is deemed an Emergency Client and authorizes Blue Team to respond to a loss for the Client in accordance with the terms of a customized Service Agreement. Blue Team will ensure that personnel, equipment, power, and method of mobilizing is secured to cover all Preferred Client's needs. We secure all items based upon the worst case scenario (Maximum Damage- All Properties within Zone).

Sample CAT Plan

1. Storm is identified

a. Notify All impacted clients and community network resources
b. Utilize Post Card Prepared via email or in person meeting

2. (7 DAYS OUT) Cone is Set with a degree of certainty

a. Review planning with clients and community network resources
b. Make contact to ensure proper point of contact for each company is in our system
c. Map all locations we are responsible to respond to
d. Work with Production team to deploy emergency plan and stage the areas
e. Contact All Power Suppliers to identify/reserve back-up generators

3. (5 DAYS OUT) Assign First Wave Staff

a. CAT Commander
b. Estimator
c. Logistics Manager